Positive Psychology Theory

Over the years, we have accumulated some though provoking papers on PP Theory. Indulge in it as much as you please.

Psychological Adoption and Adaptation of Eudaimonia

“For some identify happiness with virtue, some with practical wisdom, others with a kind of philosophic wisdom, others with these, or one of these, accompanied by pleasure or not without pleasure; while others include also external prosperity. Now … it is not...

Optimism and Positive Illusions

Katie Nicholson The positive psychology movement has built upon working towards the positive aspects of ‘human strengths and virtues’ (Sheldon & King, 2001), and the ‘aspects of the human conditioning that lead to happiness’ (The Journal of Positive Psychology,...

Income and Well-Being

Marta Morga Snyder and Lopez (2002) define subjective well being as “a broad concept that includes experiencing pleasant emotions, low levels of negative moods, and high life satisfaction” (Snyder and Lopez 2002: 467). The importance of the relationship between income...

Measuring balanced time perspective using ZTPI

The existing studies have shown that focusing on the future brings academic success, and reminiscing on the positive past experiences increases one’s happiness. But if a certain time perspective starts to dominate an individual’s view of time to the extent that it...

Explanatory Style

‘Optimism is not simply the absence of pessimism, and well-being is not simply the absence of helplessness. (Peterson, 2006, pp. 122) Within positive psychology, optimism has been conceptualised in several ways. This discussion will focus on the ‘explanatory style’...

Our Sense and Values of Time

Nancy Luksch Our sense of time influences our choices, decisions and emotional needs. We tend to make different choices depending on our value of time, our focus on the present or the future and by regulating and justifying these choices we try to maintain a sense of...

Positive Illusions

Nancy Luksch ‘Instead of a naïve scientist entering the environment in search of the truth, we find the rather unflattering picture of a charlatan trying to make the data come out in a manner most advantageous to his or her already-held theories’ Fiske & Taylor,...

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