Evgeny Osin

Evgeny Osin received his PhD in Psychology from Moscow State University in 2007. He has participated in a number of psychological survey research and scale development projects, and has over 20 published papers in English and in Russian. His research interests include personal meaning, dispositional and attributional optimism, eudaimonic well-being, balanced time perspective, alienation, social desirability. Evgeny is currently teaching at the National research university Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia) and is doing joint research with Ilona Boniwell at the University of East London. He has collaborated on several projects for online data collection and currently volunteers as the webmaster of Positive Psychology UK website. Research profile: at HSE website, at academia.edu.

EMAIL: research@positivepsychology.org.uk
WEBSITE: http://positivepsychology.org.uk