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Read our papers on theoretical topics studied by positive psychologists


Read our papers on theoretical topics studied by positive psychologists


Read our papers on theoretical topics studied by positive psychologists


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Positran: Psychology for Positive Transformation, is a boutique consultancy dedicated to achieve transformation through applications of positive psychology and related disciplines to real world issues. It provides specialised consulting services, education, training,...

PP Educational Programmes Around the World

There are currently a large number of educational programmes focusing on positive psychology, including academic and non-academic (profesional) ones, long- and short-term ones, theory- and practice-centered, etc. We have started putting together this list of...

Measuring balanced time perspective using ZTPI

The existing studies have shown that focusing on the future brings academic success, and reminiscing on the positive past experiences increases one’s happiness. But if a certain time perspective starts to dominate an individual’s view of time to the extent that it...

VIA Intensive: UK

Master the Backbone of Positive Psychology The VIA Intensive: Strengths is a 2-day, deep dive into the research and science-based interventions on the VIA Classification.The VIA Survey and the new VIA Interpretive Reports are fast becoming one of the most important...

Online Courses: Teaching Happiness, Hope and Optimism

The Institute of Child Education and Psychology is an independent research and training institute, specialising in CPD and university-accredited programmes for educators, psychologists, and allied professionals. They specialise in psychology and special needs topics,...

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