Katie Hanson

Hello, my name is Katie Hanson and I am currently studying on the applied positive psychology programme at the University of East London. I am writing up my dissertation at the minute, which is looking at psychological capital (which is a construct comprising hope, optimism, self efficacy and resilience) and how it impacts upon achievement in educational settings. At the same time I am also working in the north of England at Sheffield Hallam University as a research assistant. The projects I am involved with there are mainly looking at non-traditional university students and (a) what makes them successful and (b) how we can increase that success. We are examining factors such as motivation, self efficacy etc. Once I have completed my masters in positive psychology I hope to do a PhD in positive psychology, possibly around the themes of relationships and wellbeing, with the view to being a research psychologist specialising in positive psychology.

EMAIL: kthanson2000@yahoo.co.uk