Jennie Simmons

I have been interested in Psychology for as long as I can remember… my first degree was in Economics and Marketing, but even then I managed to convince the Dean to let me take Psychology as an extra course! Later I did a PGDip conversion into Psychology and started to consider whether I should move toward clinical Psychology. It was around that time that I discovered Martin Seligman’s “Authentic Happiness” and was so inspired that I called University of Pennsylvania to see if I could do their Masters in Positive Psychology by correspondence (the answer was no, which I was very disappointed by at the time)! I’d been on the look out for a UK course ever since so I was delighted when I found MAPP at UEL. In the meantime had I kept myself busy with qualifying as a holistic and sports massage therapist and an infant massage instructor (oh yes, and working full time as a marketing consultant and then becoming a mum for the first time!) In the last few months I’ve left my job to start my own market research company, hopefully giving me more time with my little girl (who is just over 1½ years old now), so I don’t have much “free” time, but if I did, I would spend it reading, cooking for friends, scuba diving and travelling.