Positive Psychology Practice

Theory is interesting, but the real difference is made when this theory is put into practice. These articles provide insight into doing just that.

Measuring balanced time perspective using ZTPI

The existing studies have shown that focusing on the future brings academic success, and reminiscing on the positive past experiences increases one’s happiness. But if a certain time perspective starts to dominate an individual’s view of time to the extent that it...

Bridget Jones Depression Diary

Depression is running at record levels amongst women and single females face the biggest risk. According to the Priory Hospital, North London, depression has increased by around 30 per cent in the past five years amongst women aged 30-45 – the Bridget Jones...

The Happiness Training Plan – 12 Steps to Happiness

One of the most encouraging aspects of positive psychology is that it is possible to develop our capacity for happiness – approximately 40% is under voluntary control. Even a born pessimist can learn to become more optimistic and increase their potential for...

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