There are currently a large number of educational programmes focusing on positive psychology, including academic and non-academic (profesional) ones, long- and short-term ones, theory- and practice-centered, etc. We have started putting together this list of educational programmes to help you in choosing a right one for you.

1. Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania (USA)

The first MSc programme to open in the world, led by Dr. James Pawelski. The MAPP programme is rooted in the work of Dr. Martin Seligman and explores the history, theory, and basic research methods of positive psychology. Learn more:

2. Educational Programmes at Claremont Graduate University (Caliornia, USA)

A range of MA and PhD programmes headed by Professors Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Jeanne Nakamura concentrating in positive developmental psychology, and positive organisational psychology and evaluation. Learn more:

3. Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London (UK)

The second MSc programme created by Dr. Ilona Boniwell and taught by pioneers of Positive Psychology in Europe. Based on the world-leading work by Dr. Seligman, this programme covers the foundations, theories, research methods and interventions developed in positive psychology. Learn more:

4. Graduate Programme in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Sydney (Australia)

This degree programme teaches the history and development of positive psychology, its key theoretical constructs, core research methods, and the application of positive psychology principles in a wide range of settings, particularly, positive organisational coaching. Learn more:

5. Graduate Programmes at the School of Positive Psychology (Singapore)

A range of SIngapore-based short-term graduate and continuing-education programmes. Learn more:

6. Master Programme in Positive Psychology at the University of Aarhus (Denmark)

This programme primarily adresses people working within the field of HR, management, education and health. It provides a thorough introduction to positive psychology and aims at qualifying the students for interventions releasing human potential. Learn more:

7. Positive Leadership Programme at École Centrale Paris (France)

The first ever Executive Certificate in Positive Leadership in Europe opens at the end of April 2012 at École Centrale Paris. One of the most prestigious HE institutions in Europe invites French and International candidates wishing to study and practice Positive Leadership. Run by Dr Ilona Boniwell and her colleagues, the course is offered in both English and French. Learn more: please see the programme brochure or contact Dr Boniwell for further information.

8. Positive Psychology Programs at Buckinghamshire New University (High Wycombe, UK)

Bucks New University offers its Introduction to Positive Psychology module that may be of interest to established professionals in a range of professions, including human resources, organisation development and coaching specialists, psychologists and psychotherapists, teachers and medical professionals. This comprises the opening module of the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology scheduled to begin in October 2012. Learn more:

If you know of other educational programmes in PP that exist around the world and could be added to this list, you are welcome to provide us with the information using the Contact Us form:





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