Lucy Ryan

Hello! I am the founding director of Mindspring Consultancy Limited, ( a training and coaching consultancy dedicated to helping organisations and individuals develop the confidence and vitality to fulfil their potential in life. We work across Europe with companies such as Sony, Siemens, BMW, RAC, Orange, the BBC and UNICEF. Studying Positive Psychology has been an exciting journey and given me an scientific ‘comfort blanket’ for something I have long professed, namely, that working with people’s natural talents; hopefulness and optimism is the way towards living an engaged and energetic life. As a coach, I specialise in the development of high performance in the sales arena; personal impact and presentation skills as well as general confidence, particularly for senior female executives. I am fascinated in helping coaches integrate the learnings from positive psychology into their business in a highly practical way. As a mother of two teenagers, I am also interested in education and how we can enhance engagement and confidence in life at a young age. I am delighted to be involved with the development of the UK’s first whole school well being curriculum for Haberdashers College. It’s an innovative step and we’ll be tracking its development and impact over the next three years. I’d be thrilled to talk to any of you who are interested in the development of your own, or your organisation’s confidence or if you are a coach, interested in integrating positive psychology into your daily practice. My details are on our website.