Published: 2018-01-22

mindfulness x training template

Are you interested in a mindfulness training package that includes everything you need to deliver a science-based and high-quality mindfulness course to your clients? The founders of the Positive Psychology Program have created the Mindfulness X Training Template for Practitioners.

The benefits of a science-based mindfulness practice…

The interest in mindfulness research has steadily grown with results highlighting the beneficial impact it can have on a wide range of people in a variety of ways. From stress reduction to helping fight depression relapse, research is showing that mindfulness can be a powerful tool to aid practitioners in helping clients identify and change some of the life-long patterns that may have been holding them back.

The combination of having clients practice mindfulness while teaching them the psychology behind it is the perfect approach to improve their well-being and obtain more life satisfaction.

By teaching the underlying mechanisms of mindfulness, trainers can apply mindfulness in a science-based learning environment which can help their clients to achieve a lasting impact on their well-being by effectively integrating mindfulness into their daily lives.

What is Mindfulness X?

Mindfulness X© is a training template that provides you with all the science-based knowledge and tools to develop and give your own mindfulness training in a 2018-proof way.

It is a complete, 8-week training package that divides the most important pillars of mindfulness into 8 sessions. Each session contains a video lecture for you, the practitioner, to give clear and precise insight into the topic of each session and provide you with all the information needed to deliver the presentation yourself.

The 8 pillars of mindfulness:

  • Attention & The Now – cultivating attention to the present moment
  • Automaticity – exploring the automatic nature of thoughts
  • Judgment – exploring the judgmental nature of their mind
  • Acceptance – applying acceptance to difficult emotions
  • Goals – finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future
  • Compassion – effectively cultivating a friendly and caring relationship with the self
  • The Ego – Defining the difference between the self as a story and the self as an observer
  • Integration – integrating mindfulness into daily life

You can read a short summary of these sessions here.

Besides all of the materials aimed at you, the practitioner, Mindfulness X also contains PowerPoint slides, a printable workbook for participants, guided meditations, a structured intake assessment form to effectively screen your participants before the start of training and even a certificate that you can reward clients with upon successfully completing your training.

All the included materials have been carefully formatted and designed to save you a tremendous amount of time. Simply send them to your printer and get started with the training right away.

mindfulness x

Mindfulness X is for…

Anyone who wants to inspire other people and help them to create a more balanced life in any kind of setting (workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, teaching and/or corporate programs). If you have been thinking about integrating mindfulness into your own practice and the idea of giving your own mindfulness training appeals to you, then this training package is definitely for you.

What if I lack experience?

A recent addition to Mindfulness X is the Train-the-Trainer course. This part of the program teaches you what is needed to effectively deliver the training and – since its introduction – has helped guide our members to address many of the essential questions raised during their sessions.

This portal of the training package was designed to provide information on how you can prepare for your mindfulness training and safely practice mindfulness.

Combined with the Mindfulness X instruction manual and lectures for practitioners (available in both, video and audio), you’ll gain the confidence needed to deliver your own programs. As always, you are advised to use this training package within the boundaries of your professional expertise.

Getting started….

To get started, Mindfulness X includes a practical walk-through guide that will show you exactly where to start by walking you through the contents of the training package in the most efficient way.

If you’re interested in helping promote your client’s psychological health through the benefits of mindfulness, the Mindfulness X© Training Package has done all the prep-work for you.

marion mindfulness x

I downloaded the Mindfulness X program and was quite impressed to see how comprehensive it is. As a trainer myself, I feel I have all the building blocks to run an engaging and interesting program, and the customisable content makes it easy to add my company logo to the material. I am very pleased with my purchase, and can’t wait to start marketing it. Marion Valster | BSc Psych, MBA, Coach/Trainer

Have you been thinking about integrating mindfulness into your practice? Do you want to improve your client’s well-being with the help of mindfulness?

How to get “Mindfulness X”?

You can sign up for Mindfulness X here:

Note: this training is not a substitute for a certification program. We recommend you to take one before seeing clients and to use the material only within the boundaries of your own professional expertise.